Explore this week’s Lazy Sunday offering with two distinct shopping options for your favorite brands. Our gallery features a wide array of items available on both the Marketplace and the new Seraphim HUD BETA. Items present in both platforms are clearly identified in the gallery for your convenience. Enjoy the convenience of shopping from home through these versatile channels.

It’s worth noting that the Seraphim HUD is currently in beta, with a scheduled full launch at the end of February. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover a variety of items and experience the evolving landscape of online shopping with our innovative Seraphim HUD.

Surprises exclusives can be found inside the HUD, you do NOT want to miss them!

Theme: Weekly HUD & Marketplace Sales
Featuring: Accessories, Animations/Poses, Clothing, Avatar Enhancements, Builds, Cosmetics/Nails, Home and Garden, Shapes, Tattoos
Event Opening Date: January 28, 2024
Event Closing Date: January 30, 2024
Pricing: 50L – 75L

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This event is Marketplace & HUD based