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Over 108,728,422 views since we began in July 2011.

As of January 1, 2023, Seraphim averages approximately:

      • 67,436 average views per day
      • 2,209,136 page views in December 2022
      • 24,614,316 page views in 2022 (YTD)
      • 19,204,209 page views in 2021
      • 613,976 sessions in December 2022
      • 6,328,689 sessions in 2022 (YTD)
      • 5,908,715 sessions in 2021

The sky is the limit!

Our rates are among the lowest you will find. Seraphim advertising is a great investment for anything from short-term events to long-term promotion.

We cover over 100 recurring events per month, plus in-store releases, gifts, hunts, games, sales, and more. When you search “Seraphim” (or any event we cover) on Google, you will find us at the very top.

We use technology to our full advantage. Whether Second Life™ residents are checking us out from the comfort of their own homes or from their beloved smartphones and tablets, Seraphim simply works! Our blog is easy to navigate no matter how you decide to read us, and we share all of our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr too!



One of six messages across the top of the page per day.
L$1000/day – Boosted



One of the top two events on the blog feed.
L$2500/day – Boosted
L$3000/day – Boosted+



One of the top two posts each day with second push to social media



Prominent ad placement in two strategic homepage locations.
L$5500/day – top
L$4500/day – central



Most cost-effective, long-term advertising option.



The biggest bang for your buck!

Type Duration
Exclusivity Cost in Linden Pageviews
(based on 2021
avg per day)
Cost per Pageview Views per L$1 Spent
Ticker 1 17% exclusive 1,000 52,615 0.019 53
Boosted 1 50% exclusive 2,500 52,615 0.048 21
Boosted+ 1 50% exclusive 3,000 52,615 0.057 18
Featured 1 50% exclusive 4,000 52,615 0.076 13
Top Banner 1 100% exclusive 5,500 52,615 0.105 10
Central Banner 1 100% exclusive 4,500 52,615 0.086 12
Sidebar 30 No exclusivity; see loyalty program 5,000 1,578,450 0.003 316
Widget 2 100% exclusive 15,000 105,230 0.143 7




Keeps your sale, release, event, gift, hunt, or other promotional item at the top of the front page, above the topmost banner, for a 24-hour period. This is the perfect solution for short-term, very low-cost advertising that will be seen by tens of thousands of viewers per day.


L$2500/day – boosted
L$3000/day – boosted+

Your sale, release, event, gift or hunt sticks to the top of the blog feed for a 24-hour period. receiving over 30,000 pageviews per day. Boosted sales have a special add-on package available that a second push to Seraphim’s Facebook and Instagram accounts (nearly 13,000 followers). Boosted posts are great solutions for short-term, high-impact advertising at an incredibly low rate.



Keeps your sale, release, event, gift or hunt featured at the top of the front page for a 24-hour period and includes a second push to all Seraphim social media accounts (over 15,000 followers). This is a great solution for short-term, low-cost advertising that packs a punch.


L$5500/day – top
L$4500/day – central

Places your advertising image strategically in the most viewed portions of the front page for a 24-hour period. Banners are an exceptional choice for short-term, high-impact, fully customized advertising.



The most cost-effective, long-term advertising with click-through functionality and the ability to lock in pricing move up the sidebar through Seraphim’s unique loyalty program


L$15,000/2-day instance

The ultimate in promotion with a large image visible on the front page and all posts, custom links, and a short description for two full days.