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​The support and appreciation from the Second Life™ community has been astounding! If Seraphim has made you smile today, please e-mail us with your testimonial to, or use our Apply for Coverage page to contact us. Thank you, everyone, for making Seraphim feel so loved and appreciated!

Del & Kess

Having had the pleasure of doing business with Seraphim for 4 annual events now as well as professionally for my business, I would like to say that they are essential to the SL community and to any event seeking the best in advertisement. As the Co-Founder and Coordinator of the Annual Spoonful Of Sugar Festival, I can say on behalf of my entire team that Seraphim has been professional, gracious and highly generous toward us. Their entire team is clear, concise, informed and lovely to work with. I appreciate their very consistent and reliable method of business and look forward to many years of working with them. With Deepest Thanks!

Ever Courtois

Co-Founder/Coordinator, The Spoonful of Sugar Festival

Seraphim is the most effective marketing resource for my event Equal10. I am a Statistic and Marketing freak and always keep an eye on the services I use. Especially in the last eight days of the event you can consistently see when the ads appear – the traffic goes up to 50% on the next day. I highly recommend Seraphim for any start-up or longtime event to get the best exposure and remain successful. Equal10 has been on the grid for eight months now and it sure wouldn´t be where it is now without Seraphim!

Mia Jolina

Owner, Equal10

Seraphim is the prime go-to source for Second Life™ customers, so advertising on the site was never questioned. What we were not expecting was the high level of professionalism and the outstanding customer service and support. Advertising on Seraphim has benefited us tremendously. The crowd sizes never disappoint.

Duchess Flux

Owner, Enchantment

Seraphim is a huge asset to business owners. I have seen a vast improvement in traffic and sales since advertising with them. Their displaying of event items further guarantees that your products will be seen, especially considering the massive amount of traffic they receive. They also offer exceptional seasonal coverage, which, alone, makes it well worth the fee. I definitely value Seraphim as a business owner, as well as a shopper!

Falacy DeCuir

Owner, Tool Shed

The traffic generated by the banner ad exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be advertising again in the future.

Dictatorshop Resident

Owner, Dictatorshop

I love the photo galleries.  I like that when you do have galleries, you have clear images of what’s for sale. A lot of builders use different mood lighting for their ads, which can be really beautiful, but it’s nice to see things as they really are when deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

Plato Novo

Owner, %Percent Furniture & Lighting


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