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Seraphim is dedicated to providing the most accurate, up-to-the-minute information possible.  As experienced Second Life™ event coordinators, shoppers, designers and bloggers, we know that in Second Life™, change is truly the only constant.

Seraphim has created an SL™ event calendar to satisfy the need for the most current event information possible.  The calendar may be used by event coordinators and managers to ensure information is accurate and to check on coverage for their events.  Seraphim readers may click on the event name to be provided extra details of each event, and may also check the time of scheduled event openings.  Further, anyone can click the event website to keep up to date with the most current event-specific information, and apply for opportunities to design or blog for the event.  Click on the events in the calendar below to access the specific details about each one.

Please note, information is listed only for the recurring events covered by Seraphim.

For changes to published information, please use our Information Change form found by clicking HERE.