Welcome to the second in our new Podcast Series, SeraCast

This week we discuss more about new and upcoming events, our favourite finds of the weeks and an interesting new development from Linden Labs. We also have another fantastic giveaway of 3 x L2000 giftcards for Dahlia from new food based event Farmers Market. Don’t forget to watch til the end for our Blooper Reel too!


To enter our contest this week please comment with your SL legacy name on the Farmers Market Gallery post

We will be announcing the winners in the description of next week’s SeraCast!

Now for the winners of last week’s contests: Kess’ Birthday Giveaway with Inithium:

The Winners are:
Ema Rose – scarlettkane
Ambar Adum – Mashi666
Sharna Beaumont
Oscar Jagger
Daisy Haven

The Fifty Glam Affair Fatpack Giveaway

The Winners are:
Panster Moonshadow

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