SeraPRIDE 2023 is possible thanks to the generosity of the following matching donors

The Cause

Seraphim is always up for a great party, and what better reason to celebrate than PRIDE?!  Seraphim is planning a full day of activities on the SeraSim, including giveaways, gifts, live music, parties, and a brand new, exclusive drag performance for 2023!

rainbow railroad

Rainbow Railroad works with LGBTQIA+ individuals facing persecution and violence simply because of their sexual identity by helping secure relocation, safety, and support.  Since 2006, Rainbow Railroad has helped more than 7,621 persecuted individuals from over 38 countries.

The Video

If you have not heard of Rainbow Railroad or would like to learn more about how they help, please watch the video below.  This can also be found on Rainbow Railroad’s website at

The Donations

Funds donated to Rainbow Railroad will be paid to the RainbowRailroadSL avatar and transferred directly to the charity.

Together we donated $5687.96 to Rainbow Railroad in 2022!

Accounting information will be available throughout the event to provide full transparency.    All names and other personal information will be removed for privacy purposes.  Receipts will be provided by Rainbow Railroad as received.

Transfer confirmation 

Sell order

Sell confirmation

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Sell confirmation of first $10K USD

Paypal receipt of $9,500 USD (after LL fees)

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Paypal receipt of $357.40 USD (after LL fees)

Paypal donation receipt #1 of $9,857.40 USD

Paypal donation receipt #2 of $9,857.40 USD


*Please note, (1) RainbowRailroadSL donation avatar is not premium, and therefore is unable to withdraw funds directly; (2) Linden Labs was contacted with a fee waiver request.  Because Linden Labs has been defrauded in the past from fund misappropriation and malfeasance, our request was denied.  We will be working alongside Rainbow Railroad and Linden Labs to encourage fee waivers for future donations.