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The support and appreciation from the SL community has been astounding! If Seraphim has made you smile today, send us your testimonial via the Contact Us page, along with a picture of yourself, and we would be happy to add it here! Thank you, everyone, for making Seraphim feel so loved and appreciated! ❥

We recently had sale coverage for a sale at the launch of our Erotix brand.  The response was overwhelming with over 1200 new visitors to the store registered in the first week.  It’s always a pleasure dealing with Seraphim staff and figures like this are down to your site and customer base you have developed. Thank you all!

Cindy Evanier & Ki Xaris Owners of KiX and Erotix
Having had the pleasure of doing business with Seraphim for 4 annual events now as well as professionally for my business, I would like to say that they are essential to the SL community and to any event seeking the best in advertisement. As the Co-Founder and Coordinator of the Annual Spoonful Of Sugar Festival, I can say on behalf of my entire team that Seraphim has been professional, gracious and highly generous toward us. Their entire team is clear, concise, informed and lovely to work with. I appreciate their very consistent and reliable method of business and look forward to many years of working with them. With Deepest Thanks!

EverCourtois Co-Founder/Coordinator The Spoonful Of Sugar Festival, Owner/Creator - TONE 2
Advertising with Seraphim has been great in generating traffic to my store. Highly recommended to business owners in SL.

ChrysanthemumMe Owner of Chrysanthemum's
Seraphim is the most effective marketing resource for my event equal10. I am a Statistic and Marketing freak and always keep an eye on the services I use. Especially in the last eight days of the event you can consistantly see when the ads appear – the traffic goes up to 50% on the next day. I highly recommend Seraphim for any start-up or longtime event to get the best exposure and remain successful. equal10 has been on the grid for eight months now and it sure wouldn´t be where it is now without Seraphim!

MiaJolina Owner of equal10
Seraphim is an essential part of Flair for Event’s advertising plan. Everyone we’ve worked with on the team has been professional, helpful and patient through all our team and event changes over the years. The many options Seraphim provides for event coverage (galleries, sticky ads, widgets, site and HUD banners, hunt guides, etc.) ensures we will get the right level of coverage for each distinctive event. We have total confidence in Seraphim and look forward to working with them for many more years to come.

NaughtyPrincess Milneaux General Manager, Flair for Events
Seraphim is the prime go-to source for Second Life customers, so advertising on the site was never questioned. What we were not expecting was the high level of professionalism and the outstanding customer service and support. Advertising on Seraphim has benefited us tremendously. The crowd sizes never disappoint.

Duchess Flux Owner of Enchantment
Seraphim is a huge asset to business owners. I have seen a vast improvement in traffic and sales since advertising with them. Their displaying of event items further guarantees that your products will be seen, especially considering the massive amount of traffic they receive. They also offer exceptional seasonal coverage, which, alone, makes it well worth the fee. I definitely value Seraphim as a business owner, as well as a shopper!

Fallacy DeCuir Owner of Tool Shed
The traffic generated by the banner ad exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be advertising again in the future.

Dictatorshop Resident Owner of Dictatorshop
I first started using Seraphim because of the one location for so much information. I have since joined the in world group and get the notices that come for each event. It has helped me not miss events and great items. I love that I can view what is at an event and make my shop list before going. As for yard sale advertising it has increased my traffic and well worth the cost each quarter in my eyes. You all do a first class job. Thank you for making my second life more organized and rewarding.

Alisa Farshore Owner of Mickey & Alisa's Gacha Villa
The photos are always done so well and it really gives a nice representation of the items you can find at different events. Everyone I know uses and loves the Seraphim site. We really appreciate having everything in one place and the consistent coverage.

Kira Paderborn Owner of The Makeover Room
Very well organised, affordable, always up to date.

Xueyun Resident Owner of Ai Gacha Event
I really love the idea of support on the website. It has brought me great numbers as far as patrons.

Aubreygraham Owner of fi*Friday


It’s my go to site for shopping and events. Whenever I feel like shopping, checking Seraphim is the first thing I do. The site is user friendly, and the gallery element allows me to make a decision on an event before I even get there. Which is great when I am pushed for time, which I so often am!

The events run by you guys are also great. The relationship between the Seraphim team and the events and brands you work with is always pleasant and professional.

Tara Asamoah Owner of .::Pink Sugah::.
I like that I am able to find events I would not have heard of any other way. The ease of one location.

AlexAvion Owner of Stuff Themed Sales Room
I love the photo galleries.  I like that when you do have galleries, you have clear images of what’s for sale. A lot of builders use different mood lighting for their ads, which can be really beautiful, but it’s nice to see things as they really are when deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

Plato Novo %Percent Furniture & Lighting
I like that there is a tidiness on your site.

Also… I like that you always find time to help when I have a problem with something or when I want to buy an sticky add;)

You are professionals! 🙂

Katia Millet Owner of Color Me Project
As a user, I like the fact that I can go to ONE site and keep up on all the events that I love to frequent. I also like being able to see what is offered before I go to events and brave the lag for what may or may not be only one or two items. As a supporter, I like how efficiently things are handled in terms of services offered to supporters. I never have to worry that something isn’t being taken care of.

Siobhan MacIntyre Owner of Parish Elite Gacha Resale Barn


I think the site is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. I find all the info there I need, (and some I didn’t know that I needed!)

Sangi Phaeton Owner of The Kaleidoscope Kids
I love being able to easily find the events I am looking for as well as find new events.

Sanura Snowpaw Owner of Somnia and co-Owner of My SLink Obsession
The advertising is great, the coverage has always been great for us, and the staff is very friendly. All around a pleasure to work with.

Hephaesteon Owner of ROMP
I love Seraphim! The staff is incredibly professional and courteous every time I have spoken with them. The site layout is simple, elegant and easy to navigate making it extremely user friendly. The information given on the events is perfect. Its concise, it gives the users exactly what they need to find the events quickly. I really appreciate what you guys are doing.

Meeka Sihtu Owner of The Gacha Garden and Bella Gacha
I love the opportunity to share my yardsale with people on a wide scale, without having to worry about weekly fees to LL or another party. The site is a great place for me to find other places to visit as well.

Katanya Mistral Owner of ~A Slave's Heart~ Huge Gacha Yardsale
You are the Bee’s Knees of Second Life Blogs!…love having all the great events,hunts and specials on one blog that I can go and see whats happening ….love that I wont miss these awesome events anymore..Thank you!

Sweet Valentine Owner of Cupids Textures
Seraphim continues to be a reliable source of Second Life shopping information. As a blogger, store owner and event organizer, I consider Seraphim an invaluable resource. I use it multiple times a week (or more!), and without it my SL would be far more tedious!

I really appreciate and am grateful for the hard work of all the bloggers who make Seraphim possible. You can’t ask for better free publicity for store sales or event coverage, and everyone I’ve worked with has been so nice and respectful (except Del who tries to steal my cookies).

<3 Lucie

Lucie Bluebird-Lexington Co-Owner of Embody Shapes & Poses
Hello Seraphim team! I just want to take a minute to say thank you for the hard work you do. It is SO nice and convenient to go to one place to get all the latest info on sales and specials in SL, because no matter how much reading you do, it is still easy to miss something. I never have to worry about that though because I can always come here and get the latest 411. So, a great big Thank You to everyone on the team. I appreciate you!

Ellen Cordeaux
Greetings, Vixen! I would like to thank you and Lashae Karsin. Both of you are wonderful and always very professional and helpful when I need information in reference to your blog. Thank you for the service Seraphim provides for the Designer Showcase in listing our recurring events. You are blessed to have a great staff that is dedicated to you and supports your efforts. ♥ You are truly a blog that cares! ♥

Aisha Convair Designer Showcase
I adore It helps me organize all the event and hunt shopping that I need or want to do in SL. Being a blogger myself, I know how much time and effort goes into what you guys do and it is amazing you get it all done so thoroughly and quickly. Thank you for making my life easier.

Aisling MacMoragh
Seraphim is *the* events blog, personified, and has been a major factor in our event’s continued success. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the amazing Seraphim team.

Galea Steinbeck Fashioncentric
As a blogger, shopper and creator I am absolutely appreciative of the efforts and layout of the Seraphim bloggers event coverage. They never fail to provide me with accurate, concise information for all the big sales and events. It’s great to have one place the consolidates all of this into an easy to read and simple to navigate blog. Thanks for all your time and energy in keeping Seraphim going.
Gidge Uriza STaTUS Poses
Thank you, Seraphim!

Yus, Rudh Rox my Sox! I wanted to swing in and say Thank You to the Seraphim team! I own a store called AlterEgo and ever since I found out about Seraphim I quickly took the opportunity to utilize their help in promoting lil sales and stuffz I had goin on at the time. I immediately saw an increase in traffic & sales! The girls are very sweet & energetic, you can tell they love what they do, and for me that’s a plus. It is hard to find true passionate people in SL, and these girls have it! Thank you so much for everything you do, your hard work is being recognized and I am starting to see traces of Seraphim everywhere now! Congrats!!!

Kisses x0x0xx0x0x

Toxxic Rhiannyr AlterEgo
Seraphim is the official Events Blog of Choice for Collabor88 – and we recommend that you make Seraphim your choice also for professional, complete and reliable coverage you can trust! Thanks you for doing such a wonderful job helping us bring the best Second Life has to offer to the folks who are looking for great shopping, and great prices.
Drinkinstein Sorbet The Sea Hole
After watching the Seraphim blog for a week or two, I’ve been SO impressed with the energy and quality evident in everything about your blog. Your posts are up early, you include more content than other sales and events blogs (including non-weekly sales. THANK YOU!), and you’re focusing on high quality products. The site is beautiful, and I am really relieved to be reading a blog I can trust won’t be saying something cruel and bitchy – which goes easy on my conscience. I’m SO impressed and I hope your team retains the energy and love for what you’re doing. Well done!
Mirage Cyberstar
I am so happy to have Seraphim! It’s such a relief to have an unbiased and clean layout to go to, and the pictures are always well-taken and fully rezzed. What you are doing is great and it’s clear that you all work so hard. I wish Seraphim much success and will continue to make it my top choice for sales coverage!
Isla Gealach Owner/Designer of Cheeky Pea
Thanks for creating another blog about SL events that is POSITIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE and doesn’t talk down about designers, whoever they are and whatever they can build, whatever can be their graphic level. I’ll happily cooperate with you if you need anything. I read your story and you’ve got all of my support. 😀
Loviathar Hellman VIRTUAL/INSANITY

Thank you Seraphim!

You have hit upon the essence of what I and my sister Kym have been doing for sometime in our blog ( ) Notions of Style. It is also the idea I have tried to perpetuate in my Peace on Earth Gridwide hunt to show our best, encourage creativity and each other to greater possibilities. Thank you for taking the time to care enough to join the push toward the positive, there are many of us!

Sequoia Nightfire +Aurora Borealis+, Founder & CEO of Peace on Earth Gridwide Hunt

I wanted to let you know that what you are doing is incredible. Your new blog is inspiring, positive and awesome and has been NEEDED for a long time. I am going to add you to my blog roll and I hope you do not mind! <3 I will spread the word about the awesome new site as it is just what I have been looking for! <3 Too much hard work goes into SL to watch it be ruined by snark from negative bloggers. So thank you! <3

Harlow Heslop The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse
I just was pointed to your blog and I wanted to just say thank you! I’m a designer, one of the original 50L Friday stores, and I’m pretty consistently in the mix every few weeks. I’ve just been shot down over and over by posts on the other popular sales blog — and honestly I’m pretty sick of it. It’s kinda hurtful when someone judges what you make and says its uninspired, doesnt stack up, when the reason I became a creator in the first place was to have fun and make things that I enjoy. I never asked for anyone to blog me, I dont actively send anyone my items, so I still consider myself a pretty small shop with unique offerings and a quirky style. I will never claim to be a master of photoshop (because I’m not, I’m a nurse by trade). But I make things I like and I put heart into them. So, to make a long story short, I just wanted to say I appreciate this effort you’re putting forth to positively review items, or at least, even if you don’t like something, reserve any “mean” comments for a venue less public. I look forward to reading this blog in the future.
Averie Larnia =HOOT=
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