🌈O M G!🌈

What an amazing day SeraPRIDE is.

Yesterday, thanks to you all – contributors of matching donations, gifts, prizes, exclusive items, participants and our amazing readers who came to celebrate and party with us, you have all raised an amazing L$1,533,841 which translates to over $6,300 USD to benefit Rainbow Railroad.

You are ALL incredible!

We would like to congratulate Mae Anatine who won SeraPRIDE Idol 2022 and to Taylor Wassep who won SeraPRIDE Drag Star 2022.

There is some more great news too. The event venue is open through June 22 which means you can still stop by, donate, take some snaps in the beautiful venue, pick up some of the SeraPRIDE items or just chill out.

To head on over to SeraPRIDE hit the landmark ⇒HERE⇐

To find out more about the amazing charity that is Rainbow Railroad check out the SeraPRIDE page ⇒HERE⇐