Hunt/Games Details: The May Day hunt celebrates May and Spring in Tudor times! This year the Hunt will be held on one of our exhibit platforms about life in Tudor times.

This LM is the location should you wish to return. There are three colors of hunt items (May Poles) pink, blue and purple. pink indicates a ladies’ item, purple is unisex or for all, and blue is a men’s item. They contain things that a person of the Renaissance era might wear, as well as Spring and Renaissance-related decorative items.
The hunt items, 27 in all, can be anywhere (inside or outside) all over this platform. Many hunt objects contain multiple items. We suggest you explore everywhere, but we suggest you look closely near objects of interest! We hope you enjoy the exhibit and hunt, and learn a little something about life during the Renaissance!
Primary Genre(s) Female apparel, Male apparel, Home & garden!
Costs/Fees Free!
Start Date: May 1, 2022
End Date: May 31, 2022

Teleport to Starting Location