Hunt/Games Details: “It’s perfectly Spring & nature is evolving! Bunnies running around, flowers blooming and bees a humming. It’s a glamified kinda time with everything sprouting and blooming!

Nature is beginning to showcase it’s best in appearance soon! So fancy that the bunnies are laying glam eggs all over the area. These eggs are gold in value & sure to please! Each one has an exceptional fashion design item or even a stunning decor item & has been designed uniquely for this spectacular event; celebrating Spring & all that it gives to us & our senses! Find & collect all 20 of these glam eggs & you’ll have a whole new wardrobe plus some decor for your place! It’s fabulous & fun! All hidden in various locations. Look high, low, in & around the whole area! Happy Hunting!”
Primary Genre(s) Female apparel, Jewelry & accessories, Hair, Home & garden!
Costs/Fees 5L!
Start Date: April 16, 2022
End Date: May 16, 2022

Teleport to Starting Location