SeraSim spotlight gives a very warm welcome to Kaithleen’s this fortnight.

The well known brand that caters to the feminine side of Second Life and encourages positivity.

Established in 2012, Kaithleen Enchantment set to work right away on creating everything that Kaithleen’s has become today – a sophisticated mix of delicate and whimsy that is in keeping with the latest trends. Her love for self expression and the freedom offered within Second Life has really given her the blank canvas that she was looking for. And with her work ethic and passion, there are no plans on slowing down!

Kaithleen’s skills have advanced over time and her ability to deliver high quality products with attention to detail is exceptional and has garnered her a loyal customer that eagerly awaits every new release. Having her brand be so well received within the community is something that Kaithleen is truly proud of and is what keeps pushing her to hone her skills and learn the newest techniques for the future.

If you have not already visited Kaithleen’s, stop by and browse her beautiful creations on the SeraSim!

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