Seraphim is 10 years old! Time flies when you are having fun and we’ve been helping the consumers of Second Life have fun shopping for 10 whole years! That’s got to be worth celebrating.

On Sunday 27th June, 12-2pm slt we will be having an extraordinary party experience at the SeraSim. ColeMarie Soleil will be performing a specially created audio visual dance experience at the sim and as well as seeing a stunning show we have 1000s of L$ of prizes to be won!

Come celebrate with Seraphim 12-2pm slt, 27th June 2021


Colemarie Soleil has 14 years of experience performing and DJing in Secondlife, ColeMarie Soleil has cemented her status as an eclectic artist of many genres. With a collection of music that spans many styles and atmospheres, her sonic journeys are sets that take you on trips through many kinds of wonderlands. Whether it’s a mystical trip or a party ship, ColeMarie Soleil brings the magic. ColeMarie is also the creator behind Cole’s Corner.