Newly redesigned Seraphim kiosks are available for absolutely free on the Seraphim marketplace. If you would like to display your support for Seraphim, please rez one or more of our kiosks in your store or event location, or anywhere people gather and travel. Thank you for your continued support! ♥♥

Grab your completely redesigned Seraphim kiosks completely free on our Marketplace page, or copy and paste this URL into your browser:

Three different kiosk packs are available:

  • Free-standing Kiosk made of 100% mesh for 1LI
  • Hanging Kiosk to display on the wall of a store or event made of 100% mesh for 2LI
  • A kiosk pack containing both free-standing and hanging kiosks.

All kiosks are able to be copied for placement in multiple locations.  Mesh is modifiable.