Our Featured Blogger this month is Siku! Thank you so much Siku for all you do for Seraphim. Check out our interview with Siku below to learn more about her!

Seraphim: Hello, please introduce yourself to our readers!
Siku: Hi I’m Siku! I have been in Secondlife for 12 years! Now that I say that I feel old! LOL.

Seraphim: Could you please explain to us what you do in the Seraphim team so everyone could get to know you better?
Siku: I am an event blogger. I run around some of your favorite events taking pictures and descriptions of event items.

Seraphim: What motivates you to work hard for Seraphim? I appreciate how Second Life allows us to be creative; our avatars are whatever we want them to be and gives us a creative outlet. Working hard so that others get to experience their best life in Second Life, motivates me to bring the best content to Seraphim users.

Seraphim: If we were giving out the “Most Likely to” Awards at Seraphim, what would you get votes for?
Siku: Most Likely to be Dressed Outrageously in Fantasy Garb!

Seraphim: What is your favorite quote?
Siku: Everything’s Shiny Cap’n. Not to fret.