January Featured Blogger: Mara

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Say hello to our Featured Blogger this Month, Miss Mara! The work she does for Seraphim is vital to our process of providing you with the most comprehensive shopping guide in Second Life. Check out the interview below to learn a little more about Mara.

Seraphim: “Hello Mara! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Before we dive into these questions can you introduce yourself to our readers?”
Mara: “I’m Mara. [jazz hands] I cover events for Seraphim — Which means I show up, take the photos that you see, and collect information on the product for the captions. I also format the post and make sure it goes up at the right time. I am also the contact person for the Hunt Guide and am responsible for more than half of the Baby Yoda memes in the Seraphim Discord.

S: “What is something amazing about you, that people don’t know?”
M: “I speak 4 languages.”

S: “What motivates you to work hard for Seraphim?”
M: “I just like the team!”

S: “What ridiculous rumor have you heard about Seraphim that is untrue?”
M: “I haven’t heard any rumors, but you guys should make some up so I can be famous.”

S: “What is your favorite quote?”
M: “Well-behaved women rarely make history.”

Thank you, Mara, for everything you do for SeraphimSL! Keep an eye out for our Featured Blogger next month!

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